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gio, 30 settembre 2021 02:03:37

Hey all, I was looking to buy my first house within the next 4-6months and need to get working on my credit. I was able to keep it around 610 or so for a while but it kept dropping since then. Two things that perpetually held my credit down: $6500 collection from college for an apartment and the first 6 months of my student loans were not paid, however since then my last 5years payments have all been on time. My mortgage guy said that the reason my credit is so low at the moment is because the student loans are still dragging me down as late-payments despite being on track for so long. Most of these had very low balances that I purposely kept open. My mortgage guy connected me to this great specialist ( / 972 442 1968 ) and Rock Base turned my life around for better. I was able to purchase the house as well as a car after fixing my credit report with Rock Base and I’m debt free. My score is at 789 now and I’m glad to do this 5-star review in appreciation to the good work he did for me.

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I want to appreciate the works of Access Credit for a great job which was delivered on my credit report. I applied for mortgage loan weeks back but proved negative. The issue was that I had bankruptcy and tax liens to dispute, and the companies dropped it off my record. After surfing through the internet for help I discovered Access Credit on a credit repair website and other website related to credit repair. I contacted the credit firm and explained everything in which the goal was to get a good credit, to cut the story short they fixed my credit raised my scores to 800, removed tax liens, eviction and bankruptcy off my report, They also increased my credit limit and credit leverage all within 4 days and easy to push the dispute button at the credit agency website with this Specialist. You can as well connect with the firm today (904) 328-1527 ACCESSCREDIT247@GMAIL.COM and worry no more on buying a home with low credit score.

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sab, 25 settembre 2021 12:12:07

I've always had excellent credit until one of my auto payments was turned off by BMW financial without my permission and got dinged for the first time in my life I also had 8years evictions DMV tax liens medical bills student loans and lots of late payments. So I set out to resolve these issues. After significant research, all roads led me to TROVIAN CREDIT REPAIR after little discussion they went on with the process within a couple of 6days they deleted all the bad items relating to my credit late payments were marked as paid my score is now 799 with good tradelines, I’m so amaze with my current credit report and I will highly recommend them to everyone out there with their info TROVIANCREDITREPAIR@GMAIL.COM or call (505) 926 3648. They exceeded my expectations beyond every other thing.

(718) Julie Scott
gio, 23 settembre 2021 23:42:30

I was into some strange situation, where the radiology lab made mistake with their bill and ended up with opened collection account with me. Credit score suddenly dropped 100+ points.
Did some research and glad to find Ace Cyber Group for help. The communication was straightforward and clear. Everything went as he promised. My credit profile was cleaned up within 5 days, and my score jumped 150+ points afterwards. It was like magic but yes, I had to confirm this by pulling my report on the 3 credit bureaus. You can WhatsApp 925 238 2217 or ACECYBERGROUP at GMAIL dot COM.

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