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I saw a lot of good reviews online and I decided to choose him to fix my credit. I want to say thanks to RAYLINKCYBERSERVICES@GMAIL.COM he is patient and helpful, he deleted the eviction and late payments were marked as on time payments with a good score of 805. Just successfully acquired a new home for my family. Don’t hesitate to contact him and thank me later! Phone 770 769-5986

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sab, 2 ottobre 2021 17:29:21

Hacknet Credit Specialist is miraculous! I had an American Express business debt that was being listed on my personal credit I couldn't get anyone to remove it but Hacknet got it removed with some other things affecting my credit report just in 5days after interacting with him on phone call. Amazing this guy is a life saver as a business owner I need my personal credit A+. and I got that from him and my personal credit is now genius. If you have issues relating to your report please do well to contact him through HACKNET567@GMAIL.COM cell phone 949 397 8437. His services are excellent wish I could give him 10 stars.

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Thank you Xap Credit Solution for your honesty and true nature. For the pass 2years I have been looking for an honest hacker to help me increase my credit score and clear all negative items on my report. Until last month when my colleague told me about Xap and how they helped him increased his credit score I decided to give them a try I contacted them through and also called via +1 (972) 597 9705 and told them about my colleague who directed me to them, he told me about the process, I made some commitment, surprisingly my credit score was increased from 480 to a perfect Fico score of 805 and all negative items on my report were removed; I can’t explain how happy I am. I now own a good place to call my home and a 2019 BMW car. All thank goes to Xap credit solution you are the best.

(729) Kate Aronson
sab, 2 ottobre 2021 01:52:35

Hey, just wanted to first start off by saying this is a pretty extraordinary forum with an exceptional amount of excellent information, so thank to you all. Attempting to rebuild credit based on poor decisions made a few years ago. Most frustrating part of this all is that USAA is my primary issue - very annoying considering that they're designed to support active duty and I've found them to be incredibly unresponsive. Jan 2018 - began missing payments on a USAA Career Starter loan with a balance of $4753. Long story short, I was supposed to be on autopay for this loan and somehow it was removed (USAA app is miserable in my opinion). I asked repeatedly for them to reinstate my autopay on the phone and even got to the point where I asked them to record my conversations so that I could prove that I had authorized autopay but ultimately the responsibility is on the person, not the company. May 2018 my loan was charged off and closed, reporting the balance. It was never sent to collections based on my CRs. Foolishly, I attempted to dispute the account with Transunion based on active duty circumstances, and my TU score dropped from 685 (Vantage Score 3.0) to 615 because the dispute "reopened" my closed account. I've asked USAA to report accurately, but after a month of phone calls and even attempting to pay in full, no change in status. I received a letter from Revco Solutions offering to settle for 50%, which terrifies me because I assume that this will now be reported as a collection. It does not show as a CA account on any of my CRs so far, but I just got the letter. I heard on this forum that ROOTKITS CREDIT SPECIALIST is the best company to repair credit score, delete collections and credit card debt, but I was not sure. And I'm very fearful that they’ll just scam me. I still gave them a try. Seems strange my credit score has been raised to 804 across the 3 credit bureaus collections and credit card debt has been deleted across all my report. Big thanks to rootkits credit specialist. Contact them via: / +1 760 474 3440.

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ven, 1 ottobre 2021 18:16:47

I am a father of 4 children and I have always wanted to buy my dream house. but by credit report, I have never been able to. My score was 475 due to medical bills, student loans, etc. well I trusted with my credit and he delivered my life from shame and failure bringing joy and reason to be happy again. He raised my score to 790 and deleted all the bad items on my report and it still looks nice up to date

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gio, 30 settembre 2021 15:23:00

My experience with DEXFRAME CREDIT REPAIR is quite a remarkable one, having made it possible for me to buy a new home for my family and also get approved of personal loans to consolidate my debts. Contacting this credit expert on DEXFRAMECREDITREPAIR@GMAIL.COM gave my credit profile a swift turn from a credit score of 597 to 811, all negative items, repossession, bankruptcy and charge offs all removed from my credit profile. Thank you Dexframe!

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Crypto is the best investment in the world today & hope for the nearest future, thus the reason I decided to invest a large share of my savings into btc. Unfortunately for me, I invested with the wrong company because I was referred to it by a buddy, over $80k worth of my btc was stolen from my wallet, I slipped into depression and almost considered suicide until I decided to try King Zeus btc recovery service. Within 5days, Zeus recovered over half of my stolen coins and all I had to provide him was the details of the transactions and the cheap recovery cost. He’s assured me that all my coins will be recovered within 2 weeks and I’m amazed by this skill of his. He can be reached on 754-999-2990 & for all recovery jobs.

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Hey all, I was looking to buy my first house within the next 4-6months and need to get working on my credit. I was able to keep it around 610 or so for a while but it kept dropping since then. Two things that perpetually held my credit down: $6500 collection from college for an apartment and the first 6 months of my student loans were not paid, however since then my last 5years payments have all been on time. My mortgage guy said that the reason my credit is so low at the moment is because the student loans are still dragging me down as late-payments despite being on track for so long. Most of these had very low balances that I purposely kept open. My mortgage guy connected me to this great specialist ( / 972 442 1968 ) and Rock Base turned my life around for better. I was able to purchase the house as well as a car after fixing my credit report with Rock Base and I’m debt free. My score is at 789 now and I’m glad to do this 5-star review in appreciation to the good work he did for me.

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