(675) Jeffrey Albert
sab, 28 agosto 2021 16:02:18

I have been on a bad credit my whole life (48 years) due to bad or stupid choices on my part, my credit was somewhere near 560. My girlfriend and I decided to buy a house but when we went to see a mortgage broker she told us it would be impossible to get a mortgage with my credit score and referred me to this company (TROVIAN CREDIT REPAIR) I called them that same day and they are very professional and insured me they could help me, well in less than 6days later my credit score went up to 800 they also cleaned up my report including the bankruptcy WOW....these guys are ROCKY. Contact them now for reliable credit repairs: TROVIANCREDITREPAIR@GMAIL.COM or call +1 505 926 3648. My girlfriend and I are now happy home owners.....

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ven, 27 agosto 2021 19:02:30

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ven, 27 agosto 2021 17:42:47

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(672) Leticia Odom
lun, 23 agosto 2021 15:44:11

As much as there are so many fake hackers out there, I still want people to know that there are ethical ones and King Zeus has proven to me that He belongs to the club of the ethical hackers. I’m putting it out straight that he’s a Pro at credit fix and retrieval of lost bitcoins as he’s rendered both services to me after I contacted him on 754-999-2990 asking for his help. He didn’t disappoint me and I’m sure he’ll help with your problems too.

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lun, 23 agosto 2021 14:42:46

Several years ago I had a lot of things go bad in my life and I was over whelmed and in Debt, I struggled living week to week. I paid what I could and ignored my credit report HUGE MISTAKE. Thanks to TROVIAN CREDIT REPAIR whom I found on a credit blog, they worked together to build up my credit report. It's hard to find a company who can fix your credit and paid off your debt but Trovian did that, they cleared everything on my report and most of all they inspires me with a wonderful score of 803 and turned my life around and gave me a better life. So you can as well hit them up for credit solutions through their contact details TROVIANCREDITREPAIR@GMAIL.COM 505 926 3648. Thank you Trovians you guys are the best...

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mer, 18 agosto 2021 02:21:58

Hey guys, my name is Ronald George, I applied for a house as a single father with 3 kids at Los Angeles but was not approved due to bad credit profile. My score was around 560 across the 3-credit bureau with old phone bills, negative rentals on my rentals report. I was on credit repair forum on reddit when a lady wrote about JERRYLINK CREDIT GROUP how they clear her debt and increased her credit score I never believed what she said, but I decided to give them a try. I quickly contacted them for repair assistance which I got a response immediately. They cleared out all negative items on my report and increased my score to 811 excellent credit score, also added positive tradeline within 5days. They are the best credit repair company, hit them via: +1 916-888-4118 or

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sab, 14 agosto 2021 01:22:43

Hi everyone, I want to sincerely appreciate the team JERRYLINK CREDIT GROUP, for the dedication and time they put into working my credit. My credit was very bad, I have some late mortgage payment due to divorce, a medical bill that is charge off and one late credit card payment the sum of $45k and some inquiries which affected my credit report. I was trying to purchase a home for my family and also secure something for my kids in the future but I get turned down even after pre approval, it was very devastating. A friend read about them on CK and informed me, I contacted them after reading some testimonies about them, they ran my credit report, analyzed the credit score and determined which action will have the greatest impact. They raised my credit score to 802 and deleted all negative items on my credit report, within 9days. They made it work and I have a clean profile now. My heart is full of gratitude. If you want to reach them via: (+1 916 888 4118) or their email:

(668) Sara Bullera
ven, 13 agosto 2021 06:03:10

My name is Sara, I’m happy and grateful to METRONET CREDIT SOLUTION, my ex left me 7months ago after he messed my credit score up here in Los Angeles, my report shows 11 negatives, late payments, collection and $47k debt, which prevented us from applying for loan, before he disappeared to moon, we tried some recommended hackers to help us fix our score but got ripped off, after his sudden disappearance without saying goodbye to me, pains made me remained in Texas after my vacation and I had to apply for a house loan but got no approval from any of the companies. I withered in agony, It was so hard for me to even open up to people again. I was skeptical and didn’t want anyone to ripe me off anymore. All thanks to my Ex friend who came to my rescue by introducing me to this TEAM METRONET with one of the most sophisticated hacking tools, he made me feel more comfortable as we had good communication when I needed attention and reassurance that job will be completed, he got every negative items and debt off my report, raised my FICO score from 516 to 792 excellent shoot, I saw the magic people say they do in reviews I read also. Write them on or text 205 518 3032 you should also know that most of the recommendations you find online are not genuine.

(667) Coleman Justin
gio, 12 agosto 2021 15:29:43

I personally only had 2 things to be removed off my credit report, as I see some people had good reviews about TROVIAN CREDIT REPAIR, I don't see how unless they were made up. Mine was simple because I had couple of things that needs to be removed I was concern about my credit, so I contacted Trovian Teams and they understand my concerns about my credit issues and went ahead with the repairing process in less than 5days the credit bureaus stated they have validated the correction on my credit files with a high score, the issues I needed removed and I got approved for my first home purchase. They are good in fixing credit issues and I will like everyone out there to contact them now TROVIANCREDITREPAIR@GMAIL.COM/ +1 (505) 926 3648.

(666) Doris Dolivo
lun, 9 agosto 2021 14:34:41

Hi, I’m Doris. This is not a drill; there is a group of hackers that can help you sort all your credit issues. A high FICO score is very important and this company called JERRYLINK CREDIT GROUP, to the best of my knowledge, how did they make it happen? how do they do it? I don’t know honestly; they did a great job in getting my credit up. Earlier this year I had late/missing payment, closed credit card and there was an inaccurate information on my credit report which brought down my FICO score to 659. I came in contact with JERRYLINK CREDIT GROUP few months ago and I explained my credit condition to them, which they accepted the fact that they can fix my credit profile. Within 6days my credit score was raised to 807, late/missing payment was removed and inaccurate information and closed credit card was deleted. I want the world to know about them. Contact them via: / +1 916 888 4118.

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