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My name is Eduardo Terrence, I live in the state of Florida. Our apartment got flooded back in November 2016, after I had a slip and fall on the apartment premises. We did not have the right rental insurance, there the bill came up to $122000, they asked us to pay but we didn’t have money so I agreed to pay and made a payment plan and they refused and put eviction on my credit. I did not realize that eviction was on my credit until last 3 months I was trying to buy a house, and then the realtor told me that my credit score was 501, I wasn’t qualified for anything. I want to buy a house; I want to buy properties and start a business. I needed help and I found ROOTKITS CREDIT SPECIALIST here, they are good and kind credit repair team. They pulled my score to 800, deleted the eviction and other negative item on my report, and added good trade lines. I got everything I wanted and even more. Thanks to the entire team. Contacts: / +1760 474 3440.

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